First Coding Blog

I am always this introverted, self-focused person who would hardly interact with anyone just for the sake of it. Maybe I fear the worse outcomes of miscommunication or it may be just that I haven’t got many opportunities where I must interact against my will. whatever be the reason, I have decided to give it a shot.

So I have chosen this Blogging to break my “self” shell and express myself to a larger group of people, if not, to improve my typing speed, to get experience in writing, and many more. Since there happen to be more pros than cons to blogging, here I am writing my first blog without a second thought, without much prior experience, without getting insights from an experienced blogger.

I am starting this blogging lifestyle for a specific reason … that is ‘100 days of coding course’ on GeeksForGeeks.

I will be sharing my experiences along with my preparation. But who knows I start loving this and begin writing about stuff other than just my journey in coding. Also, it is likely that I quit in between due to inactivity, lack of focus on too many things, since coding gets tedious many times, or maybe due to me taking a lot more time on this 100 days course. Whatever the reason be, let's leave it for the future.

Since this being my first blog, I was supposed to do some introduction and mention my background, I will perhaps try to write that soon. But for this blog let's keep it up to here only.

My main focus in the following blogs will be on writing about important c++ concepts and methods you can implement to learn them.

If you find any queries or have Suggestions, Contact me on LinkedIn.

Read detailed blogs below.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6



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