Day 3- Productive, Opportunistic and Miserable day

Got a new logo design project, and deleted all files on my laptop.

Today’s day 3 of my 100 days course and I already feel like I am learning very fundamental topics. Concepts I already know and Errors I have already committed. But still, to give me structured training I shall stick to the procedure and resume the course as usual. Today, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I was supposed to be productive, which I was.

Some topics that I learned were namespaces, ‘endl’ vs “\n”’ and 3–4 topics I shall cover after writing this blog. What I didn't know earlier was the difference between ‘endl’ and “\n”.

So, basically, “\n” is a character that adds a new line in the program, while ‘endl’ relates to data manipulation. It inserts a new line as well as ‘flushes the stream’, according to what GeeksForGeeks says. What that means is that normally when the compiler gives output it allocates some temporary memory to the variables in the program called input/output buffer.

While using “\n”, the amount of buffer is unaffected and the program takes the usual amount of time, whereas, using endl clears buffer memory and saves a considerable amount of processing speed and time. I personally call it Sustainable output. Since it reuses the memory instead of allocating a new buffer memory.

Apart from the course, I got a new logo designing project. One of my colleagues developed a chatting app and I got the opportunity to make a logo for the same. It has been a long time since I got a real project otherwise I was just working on self projects. So it's a great chance for me to contribute my designing skills for a valuable project.

But, one thing that ruined almost all my happiness for getting the project and being productive for this course is that I accidentally deleted ALL my files on my laptop. YES! it's very dumb & shameful for a computer science student to lose their data this way and not even have a backup. The files are LOST, all my previous graphic designing works, the questions I solved in competitive programming, presentations from my first semester, all my study resources, books all gone for nothing but insufficient knowledge about git.

What happened was that I recently installed git on my laptop to learn along with this course. I initialized a repository at my Desktop (foolishness number 1) and then discarded all changes on that repository from VS Code. Without Committing. Boom. Gone. All of it. And sadly there was no way back. So I hope anyone reading this shouldn’t do the same mistake and ATLEAST have a backup even if you do try your hands on something new.

So let's keep it up to here for this blog. I shall share the follow up to my misery in the next blog.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Make Backups frequently!