100 days of code- Day 6

Hii readers, this story is different from other ones. I’m writing this way before publishing since I will be on a break for the next few days.
So there’s a change in plan, to be precise. In my second semester, the syllabus is as below:

2nd Sem syllabus: Object-Oriented Programming in C++

As you can see, it covers most of the topics from module 2 and many parts of module 3 from the Fork CPP course, specifically, Arrays, Strings, Pointers, Objects, Stacks, and Queues. While in the university curriculum, I am learning object-oriented programming as a whole. So, I’ll learn object-oriented programming at my university, while advanced topics like Vectors, Pairs, Sets, and Maps are present in some parts of the DSA learning series on CodeChef.

Since I have multiple sources to follow -College curriculum for basic-DS and CodeChef series for advanced DSA, my schedule may be disturbed.

And hence as I already mentioned in my very first blog:

Also, it is likely that I quit in between due to inactivity, lack of focus on too many things, since coding gets tedious many times, or maybe due to me taking a lot more time on this 100 days course.

I guess it’s high time I shall bifurcate my time efficiently. With these 4–5 blogs, I believe I have provided enough impulse for a newbie to start coding. Rest, we all are on our own.

If you are stuck somewhere, and you feel that I can understand your situation better, then you can contact me on LinkedIn

Until then, Happy Coding!



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